The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Many agencies in the world are in charge of protecting the civilians from every possible threat out there. The profile of those security companies must be the example to follow and the reflection of a functional society. Ideally, citizens shouldn’t shouldn’t need security agencies to provide them safety, but the world is plagued with people that just want to do no good.

Among the agencies of the United States, the FBI stands as one of the nation’s leading federal law enforcement agency. Their jurisdiction operates under the Department of Justice, and they’re also members of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Their continuous labor as a counterterrorism organization makes the FBI a leading agency fighting against this threat.

Its creation goes back to 1908, where they started off as the Bureau of Investigation. The name of Federal Bureau of Investigation is officially born in the year 1935 when the agency became an independent service within the department of justice.

In 1940, the FBI made constant investigations related to cases of espionage, and eight Nazi agents were arrested for planning sabotage operations against American targets. Their efforts in the detention of the Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in 1957 are also notable.

After the attacks that took place on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the FBI Director Robert Mueller, called for a re-engineering of the operations and structure of the agency. These changes involved the implementation of counterterrorism measures, the fight against foreign intelligence operations, protection of civil rights and extreme measures to combat public corruption.

The efforts made by the FBI are the main reason why they’re still an example of security to agencies worldwide. Their role in the protection of their country, along with the Central Intelligence Agency, is to be respected. With “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” as their motto, the FBI remains as a substantial barrier for citizens. Professionals agencies like Supra Security are pillars of defense in security, as well. They’ve been working in the protection of the civilians, and their job is recognized in the U.S. Contact them to get the services of qualified experts.

Their primary role as a government agency is to lead counterterrorism actions to protect the State from possible attacks.

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