Cyber Terrorism: The Truth Behind It

The arrival of the 21st century brought many changes with it, along with the new technologies. Those improvements changed the way things used to work in the society compared to the last centuries. Unfortunately, along with these improvements, there were also many terrible incidents with the rise of terrorism. The United States will never forget the attacks of September 11th that killed almost 3000 people and injured 6000 others.


These terrorist attacks led the US to raise the alarms for the potential risk of cyber terrorism. Any use of the Internet to cause harm or conduct violent acts is in the spectrum of cyber terrorism. The potential damage terrorists can cause to government systems, and national security programs can weaken the country, as it opens the possibility for attackers to cause more damage.


The Internet is one of the main reasons for terrorism to succeed in most of the cases, as it allows acting in the anonymity, a tool used by terrorists to infuse terror and threat citizens, communities and entire countries, without being at risk of being captured. This gives the aggressor the advantage to act in their expenses without restrictions.


The efforts to repeal these acts and identify the suspects have also improved, as most governments have raised their security systems and also developed more strict laws on the use of the internet. China, for example, has an online defense unit composed of specialists on the safety on the web, called the “Blue Army”.


Cyber terrorism remains a constant threat to governments worldwide, and there’s yet to be done to fight the acts of those who use the internet for no good. This subject needs to get the most attention from media to give awareness to civilians as they’re the ones who are affected the most out of this. With the support of professionals at Supra Security, your safety will be assured at all times. Contact them to have a team of experts protecting what you value the most.

The increasing threat of terrorism on the Internet made it necessary for security agencies to improve their procedures.

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