Escaping a Burning Building

The human factor often comes as an unexpected risk for those who are around. Most of the times, the accident only causes material loss and nothing more, but when the situation turns threatening, the risks become real. Fires happen more often than it seems; in 2015 the National Fire Protection Association reported 1,345,500 fires in the United States. Civilian deaths toll rounded up to 3,280 and 15,700 civilian injuries.

Statistics like these only prove that fires are a plausible risk that needs to be taken into consideration. If you find yourself in the middle of a burning building, you need to be mentally ready to evacuate immediately.



The best way to avoid a fire is to have fire alarms put strategically around the house and to check them regularly. Have at least one fire extinguisher in your kitchen just in case; fires usually start there. Be aware of the possible exits and the alternatives if one of your choices gets blocked in the middle of the fire.


Look for Oxygen

The first thing you must prioritize while evacuating is the oxygen. If you’re having trouble escaping, the lack of oxygen will make you dizzy, and if you take too much, you’ll eventually pass out. The situation gets worse when the carbon monoxide affects your lungs and makes it harder for you to breath. If the room is filled with smoke, get immediately down, wrap a piece of cloth around your mouth and use it as a filter.



Leave immediately, evaluate the possible route to evacuate and follow it carefully. If your alternatives are not available, look for a window and break it with a heavy object or wrap a piece of cloth around your elbow and do it yourself. Once you manage to leave the building, do not look back if you missed something or someone is still there, you are not in a position to save others.


Once you’re safe and your mind is calm, make the arrangements, contact your insurance and family. The measures for your safety must focus on the preparation; if you’re ready for these situations, you’ll have the advantage and make it out alive. Supra Security are experts in security, with a team that specializes in protecting their clients. Contact them if you need advice.

Check the ground where you’re standing and avoid stepping on burned out floors, there’s a chance you could fall in the gaps.



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