Safety Measures for Natural Disasters

Certain situations happen with no previous warning and can have terrible effects on the citizens. In this case, due to the fact these are not caused by criminals but by nature, people need to prepare. Natural disasters wreak havoc and damage properties, which causes both the loss of lives and buildings. The collateral damage natural disasters cause is unavoidable, so as a citizen, there are some tips to react and prepare for these as it depends on the type of catastrophe itself.


  • Tornadoes: The first sign of a tornado approaching are the storm and clouds. If you feel a tornado might be near, check your radio for weather alerts. If it’s positive and a tornado happens to be close, look for refuge in a basement immediately. Cars are not thick enough to resist a tornado due to their weight, leave it if a tornado approaches and find shelter somewhere else safer.
  • Hurricane: If there’s risk of a hurricane and you’re in the open you must find shelter immediately and head to your home or somewhere you can cover and stay there until the hurricane is over. Shut all doors and move to an interior room.
  • Earthquake: Look for places to cover from falling things like a sturdy table. Stay away from bookshelves or things that can fall off from the excessive movement.  The end of an eartquake doesn’t mean you’re safe, specially if it was a harsh one, so leave the building immediately after the shaking stops as buildings nearby are in risk of collapsing.
  • Flood: To avoid being in risk during floods, look for higher spots to stay out of the way of the water. Be careful not to slip and fall; you will expose to a terrible danger. If you happen to fall,  hold on to something and wait for help to arrive, also, yell if they don’t notice you.


The most common disasters are the ones stated above. If you know how to deal with each of those properly, your chances of making it out alive will increase. Supra Security are professionals in providing security advice for those who need it, so you better contact them to get assistance from the experts.

Be conscious of what’s going on but never lose the temper, the situation can become worse if you do.

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