Types of Law Enforcement Jobs


For those who are not aware of how the security works, the knowledge regarding officers of security rounds up to only knowing about two or three types of jobs. Officers who take an oath to follow and obey the Constitution of the United States, their agency’s limitations and the laws of their state, include more than police officers. The careers of sworn law enforcement go from sheriffs to specialized detectives.

If you’re willing to apply for one of those careers, you must be aware of the responsibility it means to be a bodyguard, the duty of having the security of others in your hands. If you’re aware of this and want to protect the law, here’s the list of types of law enforcement jobs:

  • Uniformed police officers and Special jurisdiction police: The uniformed cops are in charge of maintaining regular patrols and are responsible for dealing with calls for service. They are organized by geographic districts, and each district deals with their particular zone. In general, they work alone, but it depends mostly on the size of the agency. In the case of special jurisdiction police, they are in charge of particular jurisdictions and specific enforcement responsibilities. Their labor is based in assuring the safety for public college and universities.


  • State police officers: Mostly based on the patrolling area, their role is related to enforce the law in motor vehicles infractions and arrest criminals. They are capable of giving first aid, call for emergency and direct the traffic if necessary.


  • Sheriffs: Their hierarchy is applied on the county level, like county police chiefs. Sheriffs work with the same responsibility as police officers in police departments.


  • Detectives: This is a more specialized area of security as they deal with investigations in a different way. Their duty is to conduct interviews, examine records, follow up possible suspects and they are also capable of participating in arrests or raids.


The responsibility of being a security agent needs to be taken seriously. The importance of knowing how to differentiate every job related to the enforcement of security is also handy for civilians; this helps them know which kind of officer works in which area. The role of every single one of those jobs is to assure the safety of civilians and make sure they are safe. Supra Security has a team of professionals in the matter, if you’re willing to work for them, contact them and become an expert in enforcing the law.

To apply as a member of the law enforcement crew, you must have a particular profile to be accepted.

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